Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning

It's been a tough week. Ron had surgery, and came home too early, his wound care was more than I bargained for, I got sick, etc. etc. etc.

I didn't do too great at watching what I ate. I either ate too much, not enough, the wrong stuff, or a combination of all. I ordered a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. It's a size that I did NOT want to order (David's bridal does run a bit odd in their sizing; different styles were different sizes - odd) but it is a style that can be taken in relatively easily. I have until August 1 to get to a size for them to work with.

My weight today was 204.4, which is down from earlier in the week. Not bad for having such a crapfest for a week. Next week - my goal is to do a better job in watching what I'm doing. That includes drinking more water (I did have a couple of days where I got in 32+ oz, which is a major accomplishment for me) and walking more. Monday, Ron has afternoon appointments so I can walk in the morning; Tuesday, he has an appointment with the surgeon, but I don't remember when so not sure when I can get the walking in - plus, I pick up Isaiah at latchkey on Tuesdays so I can't do anything right after work; Wednesday, I don't have ANY outside appointments, so can do the walking at any point; Thursday, Ron has afternoon appointments and then Thursday evening, I'm flying to Seattle. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - I'll be in the Seattle area to see my son and his family; Monday (Memorial Day) I'll be flying back home.

I've been sick in bed (and sofa) for the last two days so my eating yesterday and today are less than desirable. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow so I can get back into the swing of things.

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TinaM said...

Wow, you are one busy lady!

I just recently started keeping 2 20 oz waters in the fridge. When one is gone, I refill it and switch. It makes it a lot easier to get at least my 40 oz in every day. Maybe take one to work?