Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, hell...

Scales today said 204.4 - so not bad.
Food today sucked.

Breakfast: nothing; I was busy and forgot to eat
Lunch: a bag of Ranch flavored Corn nuts - the whole bag (400 cal) and 4 mini powdered sugar donuts.
Snack: cereal and the last of my skim milk.
Dinner: 8 pizza rolls (maybe 10) and a hot fudge sundae from Sonic

Lots of sodium for me today! Bet the scales will not like it tomorrow.

No exercise today or really for this week, unless you count loading and unloading Ron's scooter and lifting/lowering the wheel chair ramp. That is heavy and it is extra work. Plus, I have to lower the ramp, load him and the scooter, drive to the doctor's office, unload him, go park the car, come back and get him and take him to the office. Bring him back to the door, go get the car, and then reload him. At home, unload him and raise the ramp. That is quite the workout all by itself.

He's not doing too well from his surgery and mostly sleeps. I take him food and try to eat some myself when I take him something. Not too interested in eating "food" this week. I've been on the stress-snack diet. It's got to get better than this!

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TinaM said...

That does sound like work!
Maybe your eating wasn't perfect, but it could always be worse too! lol.
writing down what you eat is a great start. Hang in there!