Tuesday, June 8, 2010

grocery store

i hate going to the grocery store. it is so expensive to eat foods that are healthy. but, we now have some things in the house that ron can get to and eat. now, if he just will.

i'm not doing too well in the "healthy eating and exercise" arena. went to the Y yesterday after work and realized i didn't have a lock for the locker. couldn't leave my purse in the car because of theft there, so i ended up leaving. was going to go today, but had to pick up isaiah and go to the grocery store. so, tomorrow it is and i already have my lock in my bag. i am ready to go.

breakfast today was a meal replacement shake, as was lunch. supper was a hamburger from mcdonalds because i didn't get anything eaten before i left for the store. tonight, i've had a snack size ice cream cup (blue bell 170 calories - and very good; worth every calorie!). i just ate a piece of bread with blackberry jam (hungry and didn't want to have a low blood sugar over night).

tomorrow we shall see what the day brings.

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Mama Page said...

I spend a whole lot more at the grocery store than I did before. It stinks ~ and I feel like I am ALWAYS there.