Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Not a bad start to a Sunday morning... I was happy to see that number on the scales. That meant that I am still headed in the right direction.

After my weigh-in, Keith and I headed to KCMO to a surprise birthday party for my mom. She'll be 80 this Friday and we wanted to do something special for her. My sister, Kris, put the whole thing together and I just did a little helping with ideas - the kind of "do you think this, or do you think this?" And, all I had to do was say which "this" sounded better. It was a great party. My mom was surprised and very touched that we were all there PLUS Kris had sent invitations to some of mom's former co-workers and she had several of the ladies show up. It was great.

It only cost me one pound... 197 yesterday and today. But the week isn't over so I have a chance to get back down to the 196...

Then - next week is JAMAICA. Wonder how I can get through six days in Jamaica and not gain any weight.

Don't see that happening but I will be very careful. V-E-R-Y C-A-R-E-F-U-L.

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TinaM said...

Any family gathering is always bad for my weight loss, but you did great! Glad you had fun :)
Have fun in Jamaica too! I would say, eat whatever you want!!! Eat everything LOL, but just a LITTLE BIT of everything :)