Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Not bad, considering six days in Jamaica. I can handle that. In fact, I'm actually quite happy about that number.

Had an EKG today and have a thallium stress test and echo cardiogram scheduled for next week. I haven't been feeling quite up to snuff, and my blood pressure has been up a bit, so decided it was time to see my cardiologist again. I was supposed to do the thallium thing about six months ago but I think I was taking care of Ron and canceled it. But, now I'm not feeling great so decided I better not put it off. He increased my blood pressure medicine and said that HRT can cause a slight increase in blood pressure. It's not sky-high, but it's not in the preferred "normal" range, either. He also said that my mitral valve prolapse could have gotten worse with the amount of stress that I've been under.

So... we shall see what transpires.